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    Today, we introduce another extremely valuable member of our team—Laura Tamilin. Growing up, Laura was a self-proclaimed tomboy. She played baseball, football, everything that the boys were playing.

    “I was always competing,” Laura tells WinForever. “It sounds cliché with the ‘Always Compete,’ but that’s just how I grew up. I had to work that much harder to keep up with the boys.” She certainly had that WinForever spirit at a young age.

    Laura says that “as a young child, they encourage you to do everything, and everything’s kind of applauded. And it’s great, and you work really hard…and it’s okay to be aggressive.”

    But at a certain age in high school, there’s the notion that it’s no longer okay for girls to be aggressive. It was really difficult for Laura to hold back. “That was tough for me. I gave up tennis and I gave up softball,” Laura said. “Being who you are isn’t always accepted, and I really think you have to struggle to find yourself and know yourself.”

    “That’s where the role of a coach or a parent is so crucial—to encourage somebody to be who they are and to have that be okay,” Laura told us. “It’s okay to be yourself…and that’s why WinForever is so important because it’s teaching you that you can be who you are. I want to influence kids and let them know that’s okay—because we’re going to influence an entire generation of kids,” exclaimed Laura. “And I think that’s amazing.”

    Outside of work, Laura uses her role as a parent to be extremely influential. Besides being the ‘Official Mom of WinForever,’ Laura Tamlin is the mother of two: three-year old Malia and 8-week old Tanner. Laura and her husband, Andy, have been under a tough task the past couple weeks, however. Their newborn child, Tanner, has a heart condition called TAPVR. It required open-heart surgery, which Tanner went through on Monday.

    While this situation is obviously scary, the Tamlins remain positive every second. After an update from the family this afternoon, we hear Tanner is doing great. He has his breathing tube, oxygen and IVs out now. And the best part: the parents can hold their little boy again. It’s the simple joys, sometimes.

    Tanner had to have his heart paced with a pacemaker last night, but it’s already off today. They’re hoping his heart can pace itself without a pacemaker in the coming days. The Tamlins are using the WinForever sprit every second of every day, and it’s helping them get through this painful process.

    “We’re getting through by being positive and focusing on what we need to do every day, instead of thinking about what could happen,” Laura told me. “We keep things light, continue to laugh and refuse to be somber or negative.”

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  1. Comment by Jordan — October 2, 2012 @ 2:56 pm

    Laura is one of the most amazing people I am honored to know! All my love to Tanner and the Tamilin fam <3

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