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    This is the third post from our A True Competitor series, where we profile true competitors every week. Stay tuned to hear from people who truly compete for life.

    Peter Ruppe, WinForever’s chief executive officer, is quite the competitor—in all aspects of his life.

    Ruppe spent 27 years as a high-level executive at Nike, responsible for growing a number of businesses, including the basketball business and forming Brand Jordan. He worked endlessly at Nike’s campus in Oregon—and overseas—to master his craft, and it worked.

    Many of his core values—especially about being a mentor—were introduced to him by his late father, Rudy Ruppe. “At the core of what WinForever is all about is that mission of being a great mentor,” says Peter.

    Growing up in small town Reedsport, Oregon, Rudy was the coach and athletic director of local Reedsport High School. Peter quickly saw how people related to his father in the small community. “He really took it to heart that he was launching kids, he was trying to see a vision bigger than the little town they were in,” Ruppe told WinForever.

    Unfortunately, Rudy contracted ALS—Lou Gehrig’s Disease—during Peter’s freshman year in high school. After his passing, Peter noticed so many people who circled back to the small community to remember ­­­Rudy. Peter quickly knew that his father made a difference to so many young men and women when they were in high school.

    Peter has taken everything he has learned from his father—and the experience they were both apart of—and applied it to his life today. “You wake up every day with the possibility of what can happen. And you wake up every day making the most out of it,” exclaimed Peter.

    Life certainly has its twists and turns, and what we do at WinForever is help you maximize your opportunities while recovering during pitfalls. But, it really is all with one’s self. “What we own isn’t a path to happiness. It’s only from within. And that’s what WinForever is all about,” Peter exclaimed.

    “When you’re facing a debilitating disease, you can either run from it or you can face up everyday and make the most out of that time,” Peter said. “And what I learned from [my father] was that drive, and that ability to stay open and do the best I can in that moment.”

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