• Every game is a championship opportunity

    December 18th, 2012 | BY: | IN: Coach

    These last three weeks sure have been fun for us.

    In the past three weeks, we’ve won three times, scored 50+ points twice and captured victories on the road twice. Our quarterback, offense as a whole, defense and special teams have really been clicking. And scoring 50-plus in consecutive games for the first time in 62 years is pretty cool, too. We always love doing something uncommon and special.

    But it all doesn’t matter now. All the fun stats and wins and memories are just that at this point — memories. Because honestly, we haven’t accomplished anything yet. We’ve got a championship opportunity on Sunday night at home, and we’ve got to focus on that instead of dwelling on the past. We’ve got so much in front of us, so relishing these last few weeks wouldn’t do us any good.

    You may ask if we’re especially excited for Sunday night, with it being on primetime, at home and against a really good football team. But to use an old cliché, it’s truly just another game. Every time we go out, we look at the matchup as a championship opportunity, because you never know what one win or one loss will mean at the end. Every game counts just as much as any other, so putting too much weight on a primetime game or a game against the team currently in first in our division would mean that we’d be putting other games down a notch—which is not right. Every game matters, since you never know what it’ll all mean when the season is over.

    So the challenge before us this week is to play just like we’re capable — nothing more and nothing less. We don’t need to go out and do something crazy or “shock the world” or anything like that. We just need to play like we’re capable — like we’ve been playing these last few weeks — and we will be putting ourselves in fantastic position to win this Sunday.

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