• Finish time in Seattle

    December 4th, 2012 | BY: | IN: Coach

    After four months, 12 games and countless practices and meeting, it’s officially the finish.

    We’ve reached the fourth quarter of the regular season, with four games remaining on the schedule. It’s what we’ve been preparing for all along and what our program is built on — performing well down the stretch.

    With a thrilling overtime win in Chicago this past weekend, we went 3-1 during the third quarter of the season to put us at 7-5 heading into the final quarter. We’ve positioned ourselves to do something special, so now it’s up to us to finish this season well.

    After all, it’s not how you start, but how you finish, that counts. You can’t ever win the game in the first quarter, the second quarter or the third quarter. You’ve got to finish. Our team exemplified that this weekend, when we fell behind early before climbing back to take a halftime lead. But the game was far from over. And even when we were down by four in the fourth quarter, we relied on our finish to come back to take the lead and then eventually score in overtime to close out the game on a strong and victorious note.

    It’s always been about the finish, whether it’s a game or a season, and now we’re about to go out and aim to finish this 2012 season with a flourish. Four games in the fourth quarter will determine the story of this season. We’ve got to finish!


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