• From Prison to the NFL

    March 26th, 2013 | BY: | IN: Features

    Brian Banks, a former USC football recruit, is on a mission to return to football. While in high school, over ten years ago, Banks was unjustly accused of raping and kidnapping a fellow woman classmate. Although he was not guility, he was advised to plead “no contest” and go to jail for a period between 18 months and five years, instead of a possible 41 if he ultimately went to trial.

    He received the maximium punishiment, and then was forced to wear an electronic monitoring system for five years after his stint in prison. Last year, the case was dropped and Brian Banks was finally free. Less than two weeks after that exciting moment, Banks had his opportunity.

    Coach Pete Carroll gave him a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks this past June. We at WinForever were fortunate enough to be able to witness the tryout and provide an exclusive video feature on the day. Coach Carroll ended up granting Banks with an opportunity to come back for minicamp, but ultimately was not signed.

    This is truly an incredible story on persistence and second chances, and Brian Banks is all smiles now as he continues to fight for a spot on an NFL roster. “If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t define me; if it does happen, it doesn’t define me,” Banks said. “Regardless of how things end, I’m good. I’ve already won.”

    Banks’ story was also profiled on 60 Minutes this past Sunday night. Go inside this story and see for yourself:

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