• How to connect and pull a team together

    January 9th, 2013 | BY: | IN: Video

    USC’s Mark Jackson spoke at a recent Nike WinForever Workshop, where he spoke about a very unique subject–pulling a team together. 

    The best tribes in history, Jackson said, became that through eating together, hunting together, and storytelling. While we understand many programs don’t have the resoucrces to do large retreat-type functions, there are many alternative options. ”Storytelling may be the most important components of tribes,” Jackson proclaimed.

    Coach Carroll dedicates five minutes of every team meeting to something fun in order to connect his team. He does this by allowing a player sing a song, say a joke or anything that could ultimately connect the team.

    On Wilson’s (Creative) Wednesday (more on that later) we urge you to get creative with your team–whether it’s in meetings, on a practice field or in the board room–and work to connect your team in intriguing ways.

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