• How we define competition

    March 5th, 2013 | BY: | IN: Inspiration

    What does competition mean to you? ”The modern day way of looking at competition is to say you’re striving against something; that’s a way to look at it that we generally accept,” Coach Pete Carroll explained at last year’s Nike WinForever Workshop. “In our mentality, we’re talking about striving for something: striving for what you want to become, what you can be.” The Latin root definition explains a lot why we carry this mentality: “to come together, to strive together.” “When I coach our players, I’m not talking about beating the guy across from them,” Carroll stated. “It’s more about understanding as how we work together, we interact to see how far we can become.” Of course they–and we–want to win, but we value success as striving to do your individual best. We’re always striving to be the best we can, so ultimately, that’s what matters. Not what the other person is doing.

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