• Keith Sarkisian: A True Competitor

    November 9th, 2012 | BY: | IN: A True Competitor

    Keith Sarkisian, a partner at William Morris Endeavor, is someone who truly lives with the WinForever philosophy within him. In a recent interview with Sarkisian, he shared his thoughts on what we’re doing over here.

    “This is more than football,” Sarkisian exclaimed. “Football gives it context, sports give it shape and an ability to teach it, but if it’s about football, then we’re wasting our time.”

    Sarkisian is involved in the music industry and is responsible for helping to develop the shape and careers of artists on a day-to-day basis. He tells us his role is very similar to a coach’s, in that his role is “to be a sounding board, to be a mentor, to be a friend.”

    Once he discovered the WinForever mission, he presented the philosophy to his company, telling his colleagues this is a philosophy that could catch on. They wouldn’t have to worry about competitors anymore; instead, they would just worry about themselves and do it better than it’s ever been done before.

    “In teaching WinForever to people, we use sports as an example but at the end of the day, it’s going to be about everything in life.” Sarkisian tells WinForever.

    He gets it, especially because he isn’t involved in the sports realm directly.

    “Just because you’re in music, doesn’t mean you can’t be in WinForever,” Sarkisian tells us. “It doesn’t matter what your title is, and who your association is with. That’s the part that’s most excited about WinForever, is that we’re going to make not just coaching, teaching and leading easier, we’re going to make it fun too. You’re going to have more enjoyment doing it because you’ll be able to communicate.”

    Sarkisian tells us it’s about having a vision and long-term plan, which comes from an understanding of who you are—and who they are. That’s how you can “lead them to do something that’s right for them.”

    Brian Wagner is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California, where he was the Head Student Manager and operations assistant for the USC football team. You can follow him on Twitter at @BrianRWagner.

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