• Dirk Eldredge: A True Competitor

    December 21st, 2012 | BY: | IN: A True Competitor

    Our latest profile is of Dirk Eldredge, a life skills consultant for the Seattle Seahawks and WinForever. Dirk is a person who brings positive energy everywhere he goes.

    “I should be dead,” Eldredge tells WinForever in an exclusive interview. “And I got a gift of a new life.”

    After he got his new life, Eldredge went back to school to study brain function and how chemicals affect the way we think. “Addiction is part of every team at any level.” This includes the high school, college and professional levels.

    “As coaches, we have to look in the eyes of our players and understand these guys may come from families that have addicts and alcoholics,” Eldredge admits. “So many people do. Addiction knows no socioeconomic boundaries; it knows no boundaries at all.”

    Coaches are some of the greatest leaders and mentors available. Especially for young men and women who struggle, coaches can be an invaluable lending hand. Players watch their coach 24/7.

    “To be a WinForever coach is a privilege,” concluded Eldredge. “I do it because I’m passionate about letting people know there’s another way to do life. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    “I think WinForever will ultimately represent a lifestyle and an approach to living that transcends athletics and just deals with life.”

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