• Matt James: A True Competitor

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    Matt James, head coach and trainer of Nike/SPARQ Combine, Nike Football Training Camps and Elite 11, is a True Competitor.

    Coming from a big wrestling family—where his father is a hall of fame wrestling coach—Matt got into coaching and competing at a very young age. “It was contagious. It was something that I just looked at and said, ‘some how, some way I want to do that same kind of thing because it wasn’t a job—It was something he loved to do,’” James tells WinForever.

    While he spends every day coaching today’s youth and tomorrow’s stars, he also translates his competitive soul to his children. His three-year-old son wants to compete with everything he has. Whether it’s racing down the stairs or going around the corner, he’s competing.

    “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you always do your best,” Matt tells his son as he ensures us he’s teaching the right mentality. “I am now noticing myself trying to ingrain into my kids the same way my father did me, and I think until you have those kids you begin to see it becomes full circle—and it’s really, really special.”

    His son is learning the appropriate way to compete at a young age, which will certainly aid him in the future. “It’s something I ‘ve tried to instill in him and I’ve noticed myself taking a lot of the same things that I’ve learned being a part of the WinForever coaching clinics and being around Coach.”

    “Where you WinForever, is with the relationships that you build with your coaches, with your teammates, with your players, with your coworkers, with your family,” James tells us.

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