• Pete Carroll on Russell Wilson: A true competitor

    August 28th, 2012 | BY: | IN: Features

    Coming off the news that Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks named Russell Wilson the starting quarterback for Week 1, we’d like to share this clip of Carroll speaking on Wilson’s competitive nature during the Elite 11 high school quarterback competition last month.

    One of the 25 quarterbacks asked Carroll, “What’s the first thing you look for in a quarterback?” In response, Carroll immediately brought up the situation with his new rookie quarterback, saying, “he is an extraordinary example of what we’re looking for. He has impeccable belief in himself. You can’t imagine how hard he works—he’s outworking everybody in the program right now.”

    Russell Wilson spends his days in the Seahawks’ facility, improving on every part of the game. Even when he’s the only one there, he’s looking at film and studying his playbook. He’s always getting better.

    Russell Wilson, left, and Pete Carroll (Seattle Sports Hub)

    In doing so, Carroll said, Wilson would be ready to go when he got his chance. He had is chance last Friday in Kansas City, where he got the start over five-year veteran Matt Flynn. He stepped up to the challenge and succeeded, leading the Seahawks to a 44-14 victory over the Chiefs.

    Carroll also praised Wilson’s positive and powerful language. “His language that he uses is amazing; he’s very articulate; he’s very sharp,” said Carroll. “But he’s always saying positive and supportive ‘stuff.’”

    Carroll listed four incredible qualities that describe Wilson:

    Belief in himself

    Great work ethic

    Skilled athlete

    Undying belief that nobody can stop him

    “He is the epitome of what you’re looking for,” Carroll boldly told the Elite 11 players, coaches and staff.

    Through training camp and three preseason games, it seems Coach Carroll hit the nail on the head with that claim. Russell Wilson has stepped up and taken over the starting job in incredible fashion.

    His leadership and desire to win are leading the Seahawks now and Carroll couldn’t be more pleased. Russell Wilson is truly a Winforever quarterback and there seems to be no limit for what he can achieve.

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