• Pete Carroll’s secrets to success: from locker room to classroom

    February 19th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Business

    Chris Erskine of the Los Angeles Times published a piece Wednesday evening that dove into Coach Pete Carroll’s secrets to success. And secrets that help not only on the football field, but also in the classroom–and even boardroom.

    Erskine sat in on a class last week led by Jaime Davern and Dr. Michael Gervais to USC Marshall MBA students.

    Some of the key points we took away from the article include:

    “Instead of fear, he bases performance on building confidence. To do that, he advocates identifying who you are as an individual, then maximizing your unique skill set. He espouses thoughtfulness with energy — in equal parts, one bolstering the other.”

    This is not new to the loyal WinForever follower. Carroll’s leadership style pinpoints what makes each individual tick, then maximizes that across the board.

    Central to the WinForever philosophy, Erskine notes, is “superior preparation, which [Carroll] credits for his recent Super Bowl win.” That process, of course, ignores what ‘the other team is doing,’ because he’s only concerned with what he–and his team–can control.

    Carroll concludes with a great line that should motivate everyone to be the best their capable of being: “You don’t even need the best job. You get a job and do a kick-ass job of it and that will prepare you for the better job … your dream job.”

    You can read Erskine’s entire column here.

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