• Preseason doesn’t count, but it does matter

    September 4th, 2012 | BY: | IN: Sports

    A slogan we’ve taken to heart around here for the past month is that “the preseason doesn’t count, but it does matter.” As in, our 4-0 record doesn’t count for anything now that the regular season is about to get started, but the way we performed during the past month sure does matter as we proceed toward the real games.

    One area in particular really stands out from this preseason. The philosophy of our football is, “It’s all about the ball,” and our guys really took ownership of that during these four exhibition games. We had zero offensive turnovers in the last three games, and our defense and special teams recorded 10 takeaways over the four total games. Our +7 turnover margin in the preseason was tops in the NFL. Turnovers are our No. 1 emphasis, so it’s awesome to see it play out in games.

    So from now through the end of this 2012 season, we have to own that turnover emphasis going forward. It doesn’t matter what just happened; it’s what we do now that counts. Our turnover stats — and undefeated record — don’t mean anything unless we keep it going, starting this Sunday in Arizona. And the way we get there is by going right back to what we do. We’ve got Competition Wednesday tomorrow, Turnover Thursday after that and so on until game day.

    We’ve got to go right back to business, one day at a time. It’s the only way we can continue our preseason success and search for that uncommon level of consistency.

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