• 7 Characteristics of the Relationship-Driven Coach

    May 15th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Business

    Here is a fantastic article via Rod Olson at Stack.com. The following is borrowed from that piece:

    Pete Carroll, head coach of the Super Bowl-champion Seattle Seahawks, is a prime example of a coach who isn’t afraid to build personal relationships with his players, and not just on a surface level. Carroll is truly committed to making his players feel cared about and loved.

    These qualities are important for developing professional athletes and student-athletes at all levels.

    1. They See Themselves as Mentors, Not Just Coaches

    They not only coach the technical and tactical aspects of the game, they also focus on developing the whole person. Mentors seek to have lifelong relationships. They are relational and they hold their … Read More

  • How To Motivate People: 4 Steps Backed By Science

    April 18th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Motivation

    Motivation is powerful, says TIME. It predicts success better than intelligence, ability, or salary.

    In this recent article via TIME.com, writer Eric Barker shows the four steps (backed by science) on how to motivate people. The following excerpts are taken from Barker’s article.

    1) Stop Bribing Them

    • Rewards just motivate people to get rewards.
    • When the rewards go away, people stop.
    • And if you want anything other than basic manual labor — if you want creative work or analytical work — rewards can actually backfire.

    2) Make Them Feel Something

    • Focus on emotions. Knowing something isn’t enough to cause change. Make people (or yourself) feel something.
    • You must change individual behavior by addressing employee feelings.

    3) Emphasize Read More

  • Carroll Succeeding by Staying Young to Relate to Players

    April 7th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Features

    “Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.”

    A recent post from Bleacher Report shows the importance of Coach Pete Carroll and how he relates to players. Nevermind his age (the second oldest head coach in the NFL), “Carroll’s youthful approach to coaching has buoyed him at a stage in life when many of his contemporaries are too tired just to tread water.”

    How does he do it?

    “I always think something good is about to happen,” Carroll said. “It’s a general way of looking at the world. I’ve never looked at games and challenges like it’s going to go bad, it’s not going to work out. I don’t see it that way. I think … Read More

  • Pete Carroll’s Master Plan

    March 26th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Coach

    Sports Illustrated’s MMQB (by Robert Klemko) published a piece on what exactly Coach Pete Carroll’s plan is for the upcoming season and beyond, fresh off wining the first-ever Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks.

    The point of the article asks if Carroll’s message changes for a guy who lives by the motto, Win Forever?  

    The answer, following the advice of the late great John Wooden, is no. “You either have your philosophy or you don’t,” Carroll told Robert Klemko. “You stay with what you believe in, you bring it to light as creative as you can. The philosophy never changes—sometimes the look of it changes, because the players change. The players will become more in tune to what’s expected of … Read More

  • Pete Carroll at We Day Seattle

    March 21st, 2014 | BY: | IN: Coach

    Pete Carroll was on the stage at We Day Seattle, again. In talking about the success of the Seattle Seahawks, he had some very powerful quotes to offer up to the thousands of youth members in attendance.

    “We set our minds on a vision to get us there.”

    “We had a clear thought to be the best in the world, the only way to do it was one day at a time.”

    “Day after day they were committed to being the best they could possibly be.”

    “This room can do so much, you have so much power.”

    “There’s a method to it, if you can stay connected to that vision, there’s nothing that you can’t do, you can be world Read More

  • The Pete Carroll Era – In Seattle

    March 20th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Features

    Seahawks.com posted a video going over the Pete Carroll Era, covering the partnership and how the Win Forever philosophy has grown into a Super Bowl champion over recent years. You can view it here.

    Just over four years ago, Coach Pete Carroll took over the reins in Seattle. Throughout the years, his WinForever / Always Compete messaging has always stayed the same.

    “I know the vision for the program starts at the top,” Carroll said in his introductory press conference. “To me, that fits exactly with the way I think.”

    Carroll and General Manager John Schneider have made plenty of roster changes in the past several years to make the Seahawks into the Super Bowl champion team they are … Read More

  • Pete Carroll’s Closing Message to USC Students

    March 6th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Coach

    As you may know, Coach Pete Carroll spoke to USC students last week on the Win Forever / Always Compete philosophy. The above video is his closing message to the students, filled with great quote bites. Below are some of the inspiring quotes from Coach Carroll that can relate to each and everyone of you–with the sole purpose of maximizing your potential.

    “If you’re coaching and teaching, you got to keep coming back to the things that are really important.”

    “Nobody controls what’s going to happen for you. You have the power to absolutely control where you’re going and what you’re doing. If I can get that across to you, you’ll be able to become all what you’re capable of Read More

  • Pete Carroll’s secrets to success: from locker room to classroom

    February 19th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Business

    Chris Erskine of the Los Angeles Times published a piece Wednesday evening that dove into Coach Pete Carroll’s secrets to success. And secrets that help not only on the football field, but also in the classroom–and even boardroom.

    Erskine sat in on a class last week led by Jaime Davern and Dr. Michael Gervais to USC Marshall MBA students.

    Some of the key points we took away from the article include:

    “Instead of fear, he bases performance on building confidence. To do that, he advocates identifying who you are as an individual, then maximizing your unique skill set. He espouses thoughtfulness with energy — in equal parts, one bolstering the other.”

    This is not new to the loyal WinForever follower. … Read More

  • Unbroken: The Story of Louis Zamperini

    February 18th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Coach

    We heard some exciting news this week with the initial preview of ‘Unbroken,’ the amazing story of former Olympic track star, Louis Zamperini who survived a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean, spent 47 days drifting on a raft and then more than two and a half years as a prisoner of war in several brutal Japanese internment camps.

    In one of the more fascinating stories you will hear in your lifetime, Zamperini’s competitive fire kept him alive through unbelievable tests of character.

    The movie is due out on Christmas Day of this year, so as you await for the flick, you can fill your time recounting highlights and articles we’ve provided all you competitors with in recent … Read More

  • The importance of having a philosophy and sticking to it

    February 7th, 2014 | BY: | IN: Coach

    Below are a couple articles that validate the importance of having a philosophy and sticking to it.

    In this NBCSports.com article, Troy Aikman said he was impressed with that the Seahawks developed a plan and stuck to it–the reason they are now Super Bowl champions.

    “I think with winning organizations there are processes that are in place and there is a way to do things, a philosophy, a belief that you have and everything is built around that,” Aikman said.

    On the other hand, Aikman said, his former team, the Dallas Cowboys, lack that uniform belief. “The Cowboys tend to change their beliefs each year on what it is they need or what they’re about. I find that to … Read More

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