• How being fired can be a good thing

    November 26th, 2012 | BY: | IN: Features

    It’s that time of year again—and I’m not talking about the holiday season.

    Once the college football season begins to wind down, we see coaching changes every year. And we’ve already seen some significant moves in November. On Sunday, we saw five—yes, five—BCS coaches relieved of their duties, including Auburn’s Gene Chizik who won a national championship just two years ago. North Carolina State’s Tom O’Brien, Colorado’s Jon Embree, Boston College’s Frank Spaziani and Purdue’s Danny Hope are among many more that will have a new gig come next season.

    In addition to yesterday’s firings, strong programs like Arkansas, California and Tennessee are now looking for new coaches after cutting ties with their coach.

    “Coaching is a cut-throat and competitive … Read More

  • Seahawks’ Coach Chris Carlisle on WinForever

    November 12th, 2012 | BY: | IN: Features

    Chris Carlisle, head strength and conditioning coach for the Seattle Seahawks, has an inspiring story to teach to the WinForever devoted.

    Carlisle was born with a malfunction in both of his feet. In fact, his doctor told his mother that he would never be able to run like the rest of the kids. However, he made his way through collegiate schooling with scholarships in football, basketball and baseball.

    On a similar note, Carlisle had his two front teeth knocked out at a young age. Because of this, he developed a lisp and stutter—and was forced to enroll in speech classes. The teacher said he’d never be a public speaker. Today, he speaks to thousands of people each year.

    “I never Read More

  • “Undefeated” star Bill Courtney: ‘Coaches win players, players win games’

    November 5th, 2012 | BY: | IN: Speaker Series

    In June of this year, WinForever hosted its second event of the Always Compete Speaker Series. The event brought in guest coach Bill Courtney, former head coach of the Manassas Tigers and star of the Oscar-winning documentary Undefeated.

    Coach Courtney delivered invaluable and fresh product to our team and the attendees. One quote of his drew plenty of attention from folks online and in person: “I think coaches win players, and I think managers win their employees, so I think players win games and coaches win players,” Courtney explained at the Nike Montalban Theater in Hollywood.

    He said it was as simple as that. Coaches don’t make touchdowns or tackles. As a coach, you need to win over your … Read More

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