• Team Gleason competes to find a cure for ALS

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    If you haven’t heard of Team Gleason, it’s time you know now.

    Steve Gleason was born on March 19, 1977 in Spokane, Washington and was a special teams player in the National Football League. After playing college ball at Washington State, he played eight seasons in the NFL–the majority of which with the New Orleans Saints. As eight seasons, Steve retired from the NFL in 2008.

    Steve Gleason (Team Gleason)

    Steve Gleason (Team Gleason)

    From Team Gleason’s website: “Steve Gleason will always be remembered for his blocked punt on the night the New Orleans Superdome reopened for the first time after Hurricane Katrina. In 2011, Steve was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), considered a terminal neuro-muscular disease. Steve is determined to inspire others by continuing to pursue life adventures despite his diagnosis, and has challenged the worlds of technology and science to identify their most promising developments toward new treatments and a cure.

    “Steve and his friends and family started Team Gleason to generate public awareness for ALS, raise funding to empower those with ALS to live a rewarding life, and ultimately find a cure.”

    Steve is married to native New Orleanian Michel Varisco. They had their first child, Rivers, in October 2011. “In an effort to capture the essence of himself and his life, Steve is currently building a video journal library for Rivers,” his website states. “Today, Steve and his foundation are deeply committed to helping people with ALS live productive, inspired lives by providing access to life-affirming events and assistive technology until a cure is found.”

    As you can see in the video above, fellow NFL players and coaches are standing up with Gleason to fight ALS and find a cure. Whether they’re teammates or opponents, they all support him in his fight against this cruel and unrelenting disease.

    Team Gleason continues: “This video is a message from these elite players, among the best and strongest in the world, to all the victims of this horrific disease to say: We’re all in this together. And it’s an invitation to the rest of the world to join the fight, and put all of our heads together to find a cure for ALS.”

    Team Gleason is primed to fight and compete to end this awful disease. I lost my grandmother to ALS a few years ago, so I know first hand how crushing this disease really is.

    As we’re all crazy competitors, let’s stand firm against this disease and support Team Gleason–an ultimate competitor.

    Always Compete.


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