• Win Forever Pyramid: Practice is Everything

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    In this new series, we will provide weekly excerpts from Pete Carroll’s New York Times Best Selling book, Win Forever, and others that are of interest to you. 


    In between jobs during 2000, Coach Carroll spent time finding his philosophy. This week, we examine how Coach Carroll discovered his and created the Win Forever pyramid:

    “The third level of the pyramid is about the importance of practice. After decades of coaching football at different levels, I was prepared to boldly state the “Practice Is Everything.” By placing practice on a high level of the pyramid, I was making a statement. We would never accept having a poor practice or taking a day off. There would be no choices. For us to do things better than they have ever been done before I believed that we had to practice at the highest level, the most competitive level.

    Win Forever Pyramid

    “I promised myself that I was going to be absolutely relentless in pursuing any competitive edge I could. With consistently competitive practices, players would ultimately reach a point where they could perform in the absence of fear, due to the confidence they had gained by practicing so well. Ideally, they would then learn to trust the process, themselves, and their teammates. When a performer has supreme confidence in himself and can trust all the people around him and the schemes they are running, he is finally free to totally focus and become immersed in his performance. This is where great performers and great teams acquire a most cherished characteristic…they know they are going to win. When you know you’re going to win, you don’t doubt or worry. You can actually perform with a “quieted mind,” in the absence of fear. It is my job to orchestrate this “knowing” throughout the entire process in every aspect of my next program—a responsibility I would welcome.”


    The third and final steps of the Win Forever Pyramid detail the importance of practice, fueled with the confidence, trust and focus in knowing you’re going to win. Performing with this “quieted mind” that Coach was talking about further maximizes one’s potential to succeed.

    This completes Coach Carroll’s Win Forever Pyramid . This was Part 4. To gain the full experience of the Win Forever Pyramid, you can go to Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.


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